“Bald is beautiful – all depends on how you rock that sh…t”
Rock the bald look!

“Bald is beautiful – all depends on how you rock that sh…t”
Rock the bald look!

Many people find their identity and security in the hair. We express ourselves through clothing, makeup and of course through our hair.
I definitely think that it’s good for the society to stand out from the norm. It is a way to develop us and challenge our gender and orientation. Right or wrong does not exist.

A generation of young women has in the past year; found a new way to express themselves. They use the electric clipper and goes completely bald or just have very short hair.

The model Ruth Bell started the trend, when she was being cut quite short for an Alexander McQueen campaign. By doing that, her career got a proper kick in the right direction and now it has become sort of her signature.
The trend has been running for a while now and it continues.
Among others, Adidas just made a new campaign with the model Adowa Aboah, which also is one of the women whom have very short hair.
Although the hair is very short – there is quite a few ways to wear it. The sky is the limit.

But before you start cutting the hair completely down, it may be a good idea to stop by your hair stylist. Just to know if it might look good on you with an almost bald haircut.

I think it’s fascinating to see so many beautiful women wearing the very short hairstyle.
It is so refreshing and super cool!